Project Report On Flexibleac Transmission Systems (Facts)

Project Report On Flexibleac Transmission Systems (Facts): The philosophy of FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) is used to control electronic devices to be used for the flow of energy in the public transport network control at full capacity. FACTS are one of the best ways to reduce the need for construction of new over head transmission lines is to increase power flow over existing lines.

Without electricity, modern society would cease to function. As the volume of power transmitted and distributed increases, so do the requirements for a high quality and reliable supply. At the same time, rising costs and growing environmental concerns make the process of building new power transmission and distribution lines increasingly complicated and time-consuming. Making exciting lines as well as new ones more efficient and economical then become a compelling alternative.

The definition of FACTS is defined by ‘IEEE’ as power electronic based system and other static equipment that provide control of one or more AC transmission system parameters to enhance controllability and power transfer capability.

The benefits of the Flexibleac Transmission Systems (FACTS) are as follows:

• A Rapidly Implemented Installations

• Increased System Capacity

• Enhanced System Reliability

• Improved System Controllability

• Seamless System Interconnections.

Project Report On Flexibleac Transmission Systems (Facts) Conclusion:

It is envisaged that in future FACTS devices could be installed on wide scale by electrical utilities in an attempt to control the power flows through their networks. Concern has been expressed that such wide scale application of FACTS devices could cause conflict between the control systems of the different devices Using the advanced solid state technology, FACTS controllers offer flexibility of system operation fast and reliable control. They better utilization of existing power generation and transmission facilities without comprising system availability and security .The planner has to select controller out of the set of FACTS controllers, for improving the system operation based on cost benefit analysis.

Download EEE Project Report On Flexibleac Transmission Systems (Facts).

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