Flexible Display EEE Project Report

This Flexible Display EEE Project Report focuses on ecological and economic aspects of the flexible display along with some technical aspects and applications. The basic operation of the display is discussed, and some of its main implementations, and parallel developments. The core of the problem is an analysis of economic and environmental impacts of the above applications.

A durable and flexible display with low power consumption, high contrast, a technical challenge for years. They have robust compliance by low weight, and in some cases, portable, rollable and unbreakable. The recent successful integration of flexible display technologies and the traditional web-based processing and / or inkjet technology offers the possibility of inexpensive and high-throughput roll-to roll production opened and showed the potential to replace the paper today.

The advantages of flexible display are as follows:

•Much faster response time,

•Consumes significantly less energy

• Able to display “true black” picture.

• Wider viewing angles.

•Thinner display.

•Better contrast ratio.

•Safer for the environment.

• Has potential to be mass produced inexpensively.

The disadvantages of flexible display are as follows:

•Constraints with life span.

•Easily damaged by water.

•Limited market availability.


Because the components and manufacturing processes mature flexible electronics, the concept of flexible flat panel display is finally a reality. Flexible displays offer tremendous advantages over conventional flat panel displays, such as low weight, durability, low power consumption, mobility, etc. In particular, OLED displays offer bright sharp images at wide viewing angles and bright light are, however, difficult to encapsulate.

Gyricon and electro phoretic displays have thin form factors and can be viewed at a great range of angels, but their high resolution displays still require development. LCD displays are already mature, but making the sandwich-structured device flexible is still challenging. Once technical difficulties are overcome and roll to roll processing becomes feasible, flexible flat panel displays will widely commercialize and enter.

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