Generator Protection in BPCL- Ochire finery Using Numerical Relay

The aim of this Generator Protection in BPCL- Ochire finery Using Numerical Relay project report was to analyze and upgrade the existing generator protection system in BPCL-Kochi Refinery, Kochi. Power generation occupies the prime place in power system. Industrial and commercial power system may include generator as a local source of energy. These generators supply all or part of the total energy required or they provide emergency power in the event of a failure of the normal source of energy.

In power system consist of generators, motors, transformers etc; it is inevitable that sooner or later some fault may occur. When a fault occurs it must be immediately detected and the faulty equipment must be disconnected from the system. If fault are not detected it may cause unnecessary interruption of service to the customers and damage to other connected equipments. Generally fuse performs the function of detection and interruption but it is limited only to low voltage circuits but for high voltage circuits, Relays and circuit breakers are used. So protection must detect faults and abnormal working conditions and isolate the faulty working conditions and isolate the faulty equipment so as to limit damage caused by fault energy and to limit effect on rest of the system. Thus, protective relaying is one of several features of system design concerned with minimizing damage to equipment and interruptions to service when electrical failures ‘ occur. The relays help to minimize damage and improve service. It will be evident that all the mitigation features are dependent on one another for successfully minimizing the effects of failure. Therefore, the capabilities and the application requirements of protective-relaying equipment’s should be considered concurrently with the other features.


The aim of this project report was conducted in BPCL-Kochi Refinery on generator protection system. The existing protection system was considered and depending upon the need, a new method of generator protection using Numerical relay was implemented.

Download Generator Protection in BPCL- Ochire finery Using Numerical Relay Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report.

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