Power Generation Using Speed Breaker

In this project Power Generation Using Speed Breaker is designed with intent to make every speed breaker as a source of power. In order to meet the increasing demand of electricity we need to utilize every means of energy waste for the production of electricity.

Speed breaker generator mechanisms:

The basic principle involved in Power Generation Using Speed Breaker system is conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. The vehicle weight is taken as potential energy input for the generation of electricity. The three mechanisms are Crank-shaft mechanism,Roller mechanism and Rack- Pinion mechanism and the phenomenons and abilities with their advantages are clearly discussed in the coming sections. Rack- Pinion mechanism find to more beneficial than the other two by providing greater efficiency, with less gear loss.

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With a steady flow of traffic over this electro-kinetic road ramp system will generate electricity and the generated can be stored in batteries to power all the street lights, traffic lights.

Download Power Generation Using Speed Breaker Project Report

Experimental verification:

As far considering the practical implementation results this system is low cost equipment with less maintenance, and highly efficient, reliable in densely populated areas. In case we design the speed bumps for heavier vehicles which can inject high torques on the speed bumps their by we can extend the range of electricity production.

Download full project report, project documentation and paper presentation PPT from below download links.

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