Seminar Report on Biometric Technology

Biometric Technology for Security

It is a pattern recognition system that identifies person according to their characteristics and behavior. As today everyone uses computers and mobiles and there are used for illegal; purpose as well, so it must that they must be protected from fraud. Like ATMs, cellular phones, desktops, workstations.

The first device was used in back 30 years ago called as identical. They take the image of the user and then match it with images they have in their databases. They also work physiological characteristics like a fingerprint, eyes pattern, facial pattern.

Hand: they take 3 dimensional of hands and can produce the result in 1.2 seconds. It works as it hand have many combinations like the shape of fingers, size of index fingers, forefingers, thumbs etc. and they all have a correlation between them.

Fingerprint: this is the most widely used technique for everyone has a unique fingerprint. We have a special pattern on our hands, and they are different to all people. This technique is used in the security systems. They are widely used by military and law enforcement.

Eye: it involves the identification of iris and scanning the blood vessels on the retina.  This technique is less used as people avoid eyes scanning.

Speech: it is attractive technology as it works over our voice verification. Now they are being used in the AT & T smart cards used in the ATMs,

Face: this technique is based on the face pattern matching. They take the image of the whole face for automatic identification.  The face may change due to hairs, pimples and head position, so they take several images at different angles, and mostly they use neural networks for classifying the image.

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