Biometric System Seminar Report

Introduction to Biometric System:

This is a security system that used pattern matching technique for identification. There are several techniques in biometric systems like a fingerprint, face identification, hand geometry. They are a very useful device in terms of security.

Fingerprint: every user has its unique pattern on her hands. These patterns are successfully used in many applications. This is a very old method but very used. These techniques are based on two categories, minutiae-based and correlation based.

Face retrieval systems: this technique is based on the face identification. The computer records the still image of the face and keep in the database and next time it identifies the face. They are used in surveillance computers or human interface computers.

Hand geometry: this technique uses the shape of the body part like a hand. This is not unique. They are generally used for frequent identification.

Retina and iris recognition:  this is very rare in fact of that truth that retina is unique but also it is less used. It requires proper light at the black spot. They are generally used by the military.

These all methods discussed above are a single method, but single method systems are not able to meet the requirement, so we used the multi-model technique. In this model, several recognition is required like they are used for recognition, fingerprint matching, with speaker verification.

Biometric systems are used for a commercial purpose such as ATM, medical records. They are used by government systems such as national ID card, border control, passport control. They are used forensic labs for finding missing children, parenthood determination.  They are used in Identix Touch clock verification system like attendance applications.

Limitations: they are very noisy or create too much distortion. It might not work if someone fingers print are not properly visible and it also possible to create duplicate fingerprints.

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