CSE Seminar Report on Wibree with Report for Final Year CSE Students

Introduction to  Wibree Seminar Topic:

Now days each and every thing is going wireless, whether it is related to the health, sports, fitness or anything electronics. They are making their product work on battery or using button cell batteries. They are using Bluetooth for their product. Bluetooth is the advanced technology that is used in the top ten most useful things in the world. More than two billion products are running on the Bluetooth. They are fast and less power consuming. Nokia Corporation started using Bluetooth and creates new low power consumption Bluetooth that is also called Wibree. Wibree is less power consumption wireless protocol. 

Wibree works on 2.4 GHz frequency as same as Bluetooth. If we update the running software of Bluetooth we can connect to Wibree devices. It can connect devices within the range of 200 m. They can send the data at the speed of 2 MB/s through air. They use CBC MAC for the security of the data.  They are implemented on two modes: single mode and dual mode.

Single mode:they are used on the small devices for less data transferring.  They are small, less power consumption. They can provide the life to the battery up to 7 days to 30 days even a button cell.

Double mode:they are used in the mobile phones and laptops. They are also less power consumption.

Wibree works on star bus topology.

Applications:as they are low power consumption so they can be used battery operated devices like radio or mobiles phones. We can use this in our home like temperature controlling, ventilation or in office for detecting the number of workers. We can use them in wrist watch to connect with our phone, so that it can display the call and we can answer or reject the call. 

Download  CSE Seminar Report on Wibree with Report for Final Year CSE Students.

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