Farwell Brain Fingerprinting A Breakthrough in Criminal Investigations

Description: The research paper Farwell Brain Fingerprinting A Breakthrough in Criminal Investigations speaks about Farwell Brain Fingerprinting. It is considered a major breakthrough in criminal investigations. There is no dearth of criminals and crimes in this world. Thanks to technology that now there are certain advanced methods that will not save the criminal hiding in some remotest corner of the world. Such a wonderful technique is the brain fingerprinting technique. The method uses brain waves to connect with the evidence of crime stored in his/her brain. Such a method could be a boon to help the innocent that are unnecessarily roped into the crime. The technique will also help identify the actual perpetrators of the crime and put them to rigorous legal proceedings.

The research paper posits that both fingerprinting and DNA finger printing are very effective. But both these techniques expect the investigator to put in more effort. Collecting fingerprints and biological samples, preserving them, all these require lot of time and patience that goes unsaid. All these upheavals made scientists ask a fundamental question: What does the criminal take with him from the scene of crime? The answer happens to be his brain. Hence brain fingerprinting is one very effective, non-pervasive, non-stressful means of reaching the truth.

How it is done: Brain Fingerprinting is formulated on the principle that the brain is the epicenter to all human acts. In a criminal act, there may or may not be many kinds of peripheral evidence, but the brain is always there, functioning, planning, executing, and recording the crime. The major difference between a perpetrator and a falsely accused, innocent person is that the perpetrator, having committed the crime, has the details of the crime stored in his brain, and the innocent suspect does not. This is what Brain Fingerprinting detects scientifically.

Conclusion: The Brain fingerprinting technology is the revolutionary way of detecting crimes. With 100% accuracy rates the technology will weed out the notorious criminals and expose them to the world like never before.

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