Brain Computer Interface Project Report

Introduction to Brain Computer Interface Project:

The main objective of this research is to design a system which can directly communicate with the computer network. By using this technology a person’s brain can directly interact with the computer network by which a person’s capabilities can be far extended.

These are used for paralyzed persons so as to communicate with the outer world with the system attached for their body. In this paper we will discuss about the design of brain interface system and how they are implanted to paralyzed persons.

Working of Brain computer interface system:

Brain computer interface are called as direct neural interface which allows a two way a communication between brain and external device. The neuroprosthetics is an area of neuro science which is similar to brain computer interface technology.

Electroencephalograph is implanted in the device which detects the brain signals and software analysis the signals.

If a artificial limb is connected to a physically disabled person then software takes certain time to analyze the signals and by certain practice it detects the signals the signals of the hand movement.

We find different types od brain computer interfaces depending upon the usage. Invasive brain computer is used for providing vision for the damaged sight persons. Non invasive brain computer interface are used for providing signal to artificial limbs.

Applications and Drawbacks:

These are mainly used for proving artificial capabilities to the disabled persons. By making implants we can control the video games.

By making nerve implants the communication through a direct medium is possible which are used in military applications. There are certain tiny signals occurring in brain which a electroencephalograph cannot detect which need to be overcome. 

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