Brain Printing Technology Seminar Report

Introduction to Brain Printing Technology Seminar Topic:

This technology is used to read the mind of user, to check that whether has information or not. They are generally used by crime investigators to check whether the suspect has committed the crime or not. If he had committed the crime then he must be having the information about the crime.  They use head band which have several sensors on it. These detect the response of the suspect towards any scene and generate the result.

Function brain mapping:  when we require entering the any part of the brain that may be important for the information that can be done by functional mapping.  It includes brain surgery for tumors and refractory epilepsy.

Sensory mapping: it is done electrically in the arm or nerve of leg when recording the brain response.

Motor mapping; it also performed electrically when the brain is directly is in order to movement.

Language mapping: our skull and brain have no sensation, so they inject local anesthetic to our brain during asleep. When we are fully asleep they electrically stimulate our brain.

Brain always record what is really happened in history. We cannot create false image in our brain. If we will lie then also brain will filter the right one. When we lie fourteen areas of brain are active. And we tell the truth only seven areas are activated that time.

How it works: when suspect are called for the test, they are given a band over their head, which consist of lots of sensors that record the stimuli response. They present series of images over the screen and then they record the response of stimuli after every image. Brain responds according to the information it have in its mind.

It is very useful for them who are innocent but they lie because of force.

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