CSE PPT Topic on Brain Fingerprinting Technology

Introduction to Brain Fingerprinting Technology Technical Seminar Topic:

Brain Finger Printing Technology is the where the brand new personal computers are based on the latest technology which are used to identify the crimes of the attackers that are based on the scientific researches by calculating the wavelength of the brains of that suspect. This device has given a cent percent successful result of the practical experiments that are done with this application during the execution processes. This system is mainly used by the US army and the US navy forces to recognize the criminals. It also has the audio as well video features that are used for tracking purposes.

This system is mainly the act that is based on the criminal departments which clears out the planning and all the recording of the criminals. Brain fingerprinting technology is well ever used here. Here there is a database type of the system where the details of that have the detailed information of the criminal that is stored in the perpetrators. This system is used track the terrorists and their plans that are made to make the people suffer.

The application that is used to work together with the finger printing is the Brain MERMER which is called as the multifaceted electro response analysis; this application is used to know the information that is inside the brain of the people.

The Brain Finger Printing Technology is the latest and the newest scientific technology which is related to the tracking of the criminals, this are used to track the terrors and the people who like to be innocent but are not. This device provides a 100% successful result every time that are executed by the source code and their and the programs. This device is the application which provides a great fulfillment of the criminals and the victims and also the innocent people and the terrors.

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