Paper Presentation on Brain Fingerprinting Technology with PPT

The main difference between the perpetrator and the innocent person as regarding the concept of the brain fingerprinting is that the perpetrator has made a crime and that person has all the records saved in the memory but  the innocent also has made a crime but he does have any memory stored in them. So the device named brain printing system is used to detect the records of the crime by the scientific way from that person’s brain. This device detects the crime records even if the record in the memory is present or absent.

The working of the system is that first a single band is tied to the person’s head and the measurements from the brain are recorded in the machine which is connected to the other circuit. This system was invented by the person named Dr. Farwell who made the use of MERMER to develop such a high graded system. The return reply and the responses from the brain of that person are recorded by the central frontal system which is situated behind the ear of the person. After this process all the outcome of the results are then written on the paper as the hard copy and the proof of the crime done is submitted to the deserved person later.

The material that is used to develop this system is a P300 IC which is a component that has the complete positive charge. Large latency and electrically charged negative components and subcomponents are also used at the frontal system scale.

There is can be also a little change in the physical frequency and the structural signals that the machine passes while the time of execution. There are certain problems or the limitation of the device. Certain important goals that have to be achieved while the process begins and finally the case studies which can be referred as the conclusion of the system.

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