Brain Machine Interface Seminar Topic

Brain-Machine-Interface-SeminarBrain Machine Interface Seminar topic explains about developing a mechanical interface which can communicate directly between human and external devices like robots. This seminar paper explains about general principles of brain machine, working architecture, BMI using EEG, Brain gate and ABI software details. 

Scientists are working on brain machine interface technology which is going to be a useful technology in future. This technology is already playing important role in medical and mechanical fields. Google had developed voice search software for Google search which also belongs to Brain Machine Interface. Virtual reality is also part of this technology; this technology is gaining scope because of its user-friendly and ergonomic systems. 


BCI’s are computer devices which can communicate between human being and machine in both directions. BCI’s software is designed in the way that it will grasp signals from human brain and respond based on the inputs provided in the software. This technology can be used for human beings who are suffering from brain disorder. But it is still in the developing stage. 

download Brain Machine Interface Seminar Topic , paper presentation.

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  1. regarding the above given topic ABI, I would like to kknow is there any base paper of year-2012 is available or not…

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