Brain Fingerprinting Technology Seminar Report

Introduction to Brain Fingerprinting Technology Seminar Topic:

They are the new technology to read the mind of criminals base on the scientifically reading the brain waves and how they response towards crime words and image representation. They are very accurate and proven; they are mostly used by navy and US intelligence. It is very useful as they detect it scientifically, so it is great boon for innocent people who might not have done anything but accept crime in force or something, because stores everything, whether it is right or wrong. They work on four methods: crime scene investigation, brain evidence, evidence analysis, computer evidence analysis.

Information evidence detection: as brain records everything in its mind, so they use our memory to collect evidences. They record all the crime scenes or pictures, sounds etc. they doesn’t respond to our emotional act the specific scene.

The brain MERMER: they use electroencephalographic response analysis to for detecting the stores information in our brain. It does not record the irrelevant information and the MERMER skip this information.

Scientific procedure: in this technique they represent three types of pictures on the screen; relevant, irrelevant and probes. Then they record the response towards each picture.

Computer controlled: in this technique they control the entire brain in their control and then they record the response towards three types of response. They control our brain electronic stimuli under their control.

There are types of signals generated during the test:

Red- it shows that suspect knows about that crime

Blue- this information in only known by perpetrator

Green- suspect don’t have any information about that crime.

This technology is very useful for solving critical crime cases as they have the accuracy of 100%. It fulfills the requirement of government and victims and most important falsely accused innocent people.

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