Ethical Hacking Computer Science Technical Paper Presentation

Description: The research paper Ethical Hacking Computer Science Technical Paper Presentation talks about Ethical hacking. The research paper suggests that in this age of information explosion and e-commerce, there is a colossal information exchange process taking place almost every second. These days there are so many vast stores online as reference material, collaborative conversations, communications, video conferencing and many more such communicative and information exchange processes have condensed the world. In a scenario like this there is every reason for some hackers to peep into your email by hacking your password or personal website and put some vulgar stuff that may upset you and play a spoilsport with your goal-oriented intentions. Ethical hackers will do better in a scenario like this. They will help plug-in loopholes in your security system and thus make it fortified against hacking of any kind.

Who is a hacker: A hacker is defined thus: A person who enjoys learning the details of computer systems and how to stretch their capabilities-as opposed to most users of computers, who prefer to learn only the minimum amount necessary.  One who programs enthusiastically or who enjoys programming rather than just theorizing about programming”.

The ethical hackers are the ones that are hired by the companies to see the strength of the security systems. Ethical hacking is not done to steal information or exploit it unlike hacking. This way the possible loopholes in the system can be effectively plugged. With the growth of computer storage and information sharing systems vulnerability of these increased almost simultaneously. Computer Scientists in the year 1993 openly declared that the techniques of the hacker could be employed for the smooth functioning of organizations and fortify the security measures of a system.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that good auditing and consideration of security measures from time to time and vigilance intrusion detecting and good systems administration can be very effective ways of securing and fortifying the company’s network.

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