All About Multimedia Computer Science Paper Presentation

Description: The research paper All About Multimedia Computer Science Paper Presentation speaks about Multimedia. It is suggested in the research paper that multimedia. Computing all alone could be pretty boring. Multimedia is the integration of audio, video, animation and many other features that would otherwise enrich the process of computing. A PC has now become the order of the day. There is a risk of security when many hundreds of computers are connected via distributed computing. There is chance of losing data to an unauthorized third party attack. Companies like Google and Microsoft have come up with robust security measures to safeguard the information flowing along the web.

 What are the uses of Multimedia:

Multimedia helps in reading an online encyclopedia, build a business presentation that has audio, video, animation and other effects to make the presentation very effective, editing or recording music on your PC, create 3Deffects, create animated e-cards, click the map of the country and look at the specific area of interests, learn a new language,

             It is suggested in the research paper that By far the most remarkable multimedia software product introduced is Encarta. Developed in 1993, this product is a multimedia encyclopedia from Microsoft. Encarta has a Category Browser with a series of buttons. Each button display an area of interest like Life Science, Geography, History, Social Science, Religion and Philosophy, Art, Language and Literature, Sports, Games, Hobbies and Pets. Once you pick get a list of topics that you can view. For example, if you select History as the area of interest and United States History as the Category, a list of specific topics is displayed. The encyclopedia itself is both attractive and informative.

            Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note saying that although multimedia enhances the interactivity levels of the computer with the user, it still is unable to satisfy the user completely.

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