Seminar Paper for Computer Science on Microsoft Surface

Introduction to Seminar Paper for Computer Science on Microsoft Surface:

The existing article is a Microsoft surface based article called as the surface computing. This Microsoft surface is the latest arriving Multi touch product which is constructed by the fusion of the hardware and the most necessary thing the software.

It is a device that is dependable on the DOS to GUI interface products. As stated by the information from the Microsoft this device is a general personal computer with the capability of the multi touch screen. It has about 30 inch of the multi touch screen which has mostly the Windows Vista operating system.

The features of the Microsoft surface system is firstly the Direct Interaction which collects and saves the related information into the disk drives of the system. Second is the Multi-touch which is such a type of screen which permits the access of many touches at the same time called as the Multi-touch technique.

Thirdly the multi-user which allows accessing the system with more than one user at the same duration of time. Object Recognition which is last feature of the Microsoft computing in which any object or any physical object can be kept on the trigger mean the starting point of the device system.

Microsoft surface computing has brought a life the new paths and tricks that help us to communicate with the latest information that has been engaged with the systems. By making the use of the best fusion of the hardware as well as the software mechanism now the Microsoft is leading company that develops the surface computing devices with more addition of the benefits, features and the advantages too…

Now the users can compare the technology in the previous decade and the technology now in this present century. In coming future a lot technology updates will be seen from the different companies and developers team.

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