Wi-Max Research Paper Topics for Computer Science Students

It is the wireless network based on the broadband just like mobile network that are accessed using towers similarly it has towers that provide network to its user to have broadband connection. This is especially designed for the rural areas where broadband connection through wires can’t reach.  This is best for the mobile as they are full mobile, now they can have broadband connection anywhere they go. They are just plug and play DSL modem, with lots of base stations are developed at different locations, to provide full coverage to the user. This will boost the service of the mobile operators.

Wi-Max can provide minimum bandwidth of 1.75 MHz to its every channel and 10 MHz to maximum. While in some licensed countries it can provide the bandwidth of 5 GHz.  They are secure and robust as they have data encryption which provides security to its network. They are reliable as they provide service to its customer over longer distance. User need to have PC cards. They use radio physical layer and MAC layer that full fills all the needs of applications. Their modulation is based on the OFDMA.

IEEE 802.16 MAC:  they are multipoint wireless links that require high speed data download and upload speed. They can accommodate around 100 terminals per channel that can be used by the multi user together. They use IP connectivity VoIP that make it secure and robust.

They use TDM/TDMA for the efficient usage of bandwidth. They provide adaptive modulation which provides higher speed of data rates and improves the channel condition and the capacity. Data are encrypted it means they are secure.  They use smart antennas that are too fast and less costly and don’t let interference to work and system gain for deployments.

Download  Wi-Max Research Paper Topics for Computer Science Students.

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