Ethical Hacking Vs Malicious Hacking

Description: The research paper Ethical Hacking Vs Malicious Hacking comments of Ethical Hacking and suggests how it is different from malicious hacking. The research paper also suggests how an organization should have a very strong, formidable security system in order to rise over hacking.  The research paper also compares and contrasts ethical hacking and malicious hacking.

Ethical hacking is voluntarily intruding the information security systems of a company by way of programming passwords and other such things. This is done by programming experts who can very dexterously decrypt the encrypted data. This happens in companies that are eager to know the loopholes prevalent in the security systems. Ethical hacking is also done in order to plug in these loopholes efficiently.

The research paper projects a hacker as a person who is eager to know the intricacies of learning the potential of the computer and extending its capabilities. An ordinary computer professional dares not to exploit the system beyond his scope and purpose. Hiring ethical hackers will facilitate the company by providing the necessary security measures it needs to implement. Malicious hacking on the other hand is done with an intention of exploiting the company’s information and creating programs to corrupt the security system. It’s a sly thing which is either done by geniuses or people who are adept at peeking over the shoulder to pilfer the information that they want.

Hacking in itself is a bad thing to do but at times when companies are apprehensive about the vulnerability of their systems, ethical hacking becomes necessary evil. This way the ethical hacker has to be more adept and skilled than the malicious hacker in the sense that he needs to know the possible information extraction a malicious hacker could do and from where.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that ethical hacking becomes an indispensable tool in putting the security systems of a company to acid test. An ethical hacker has be an ethical person himself with a capacity to outwit the malicious hacker but solely with the intention of safeguarding and securing the most intimate information of the company.

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  1. this info explains how to maintain your software and use tools like Avast, Spybotand Comodo Firewallto protect your computer against the ever-present dangers of malwareinfection and hackerattacks. Although the tools recommended in this info are for Windows, which is the operating system most vulnerable to these threats, GNU/Linuxand Apple OS X users are also at risk and should still adopt the tactics presented,

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