Employee Pay Management System C# / PHP Project Synopsis

Project Understanding: This Employee Pay Management System application will basically handle salary management for employees that work on an hourly basis and contract basis. It will allow employees to register and login to access various modules including Timesheet module which actually allows the employee to save their days work on hourly basis. Employee can update his or her details after login. Information will be like educational qualification, technical experience, personal information etc. Employees can also enter their salary rate. The option will be provided to view salary slips on monthly basis. He or she can also apply leaves and also view their leave history.

User Types: Admin, Employee

Basic Modules involved in the project:

Login / Registration / Dashboard → Every employee working on contractual basis will register and once admin approves it will be able to log in. Once they log in they will be provided with different options to save their personal details, emergency details, permanent address, current address etc. They can add experience details related to all previous companies, add skill sets like proficiency in Java or .net etc.

Timesheet → This module will allow the employee to select the client, then select the project he or she is working, task and then provide comments like activity is done and add no of hours worked for any task. Multiple entries can be posted in a day with different no of hours. Depending upon no of hours saved, the monthly payment will be calculated. The option will be provided to mark a day as leave or weekly off. It will have a view wherein there will be a count, hours, work time and Off time. An employee can also enter his / her off hours like half n hour for lunch.

Leaves →  This module will allow employee to save or request leave type for a day or more. It will also have leave history grid to check the history of leaves.

Admin → Admin will actually manage the admin panel in the back end. Admin will create leave types. Will add projects. Will have option to approve employees registration. Will add different skill names, Add company profile with all details including logo, Employer ID, Address Currency, Owner etc,. Add clients and also add tasks. Admin will approve timesheets submitted by employees and then come up with pay calculations. Admin will approve hourly rate submitted by the employee.

Pay module → This module will have a grid wherein it will have the option to pull up employee working hours details and calculate their pay as per hourly rates approved by admin. This module will be accessible to admin only.

 Future Enhancements: 

  • We can come up with employee alerts wherein they will get alerts for approved leaves, approved timesheets.
  • We can provide reports module with a different type of reports.
  • We can also introduce invoice module too.

Software Requirements:

Technical Aspects:
Database: SQL Server 2008  and more
Language: C# and Asp
Framework: .Net
Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as backend

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

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