Employee System Project

Employee management system project software is designed in visual basic vb.net programming language. Main objective of this project is to design simple software for organizations for managing various types of works related to employees.

employee management system
employee management system Project in Vb.Net

Types of Operations Performed Using this System:

Adding employees details to database under employee details module. In this form employee designation, branch, education details, job details are maintained.

Managing loan details of employee this form consists of date of loan, total deduction from monthly salary.

Leave management is other feature in this application. Using this module employee’s monthly attendance, total number of leaves, payment deduction details are managed.

Report generation is other feature where employee can take print out of any details from these modules.

Project Documentation:

Detailed explanation about this project is provided in project report. List of contents in project report.

Introduction to project

Design details (data flow diagram, context diagram, flow chart, database tables)

Screen shots

Software and hardware requirement

Sample source code


Youtube video link to view dfd, entity diagram , system design diagram.

Database Design:

This application consists of 12 main tables.

Branch table

Company table

Department table

Designation table

Employee leave available, employee leave details

Employee personal details table

Grade details of employee

Loan master details

Loan available details

Total Salary details

Salary Loan Details. 

Download Source Code for Employee Management System Project  in Vb.net

This project source code is also available in asp.net and java programming languages. Code can be downloaded from below links.

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