Employee Expense Management System Synopsis

Employee Expense Management System


In today’s world, fast-growing companies like Google., with employees working for several clients in different location need a better online solution for managing employee expenses.

In addition, these companies also look solutions that are easy to use without compromising on efficiency. This web-based application allows employees located in different areas in the country to log in and file for their expenses with ease.

Here the employees can register for the reimburse expenses and the superior officers should check these. They should grant amount or they can reject by stating an appropriate reason. So takes less time and requires less labour manual work.

The personnel cost management system is a system that helps keep organizational details and dealings within the organization. This system stores a central database. All individual details and details of the worker will be provided through this Project.

An employee cost management structure is an automated system. This may be helpful for managers in any company. Personnel expenditure management system helps to categorize employee responsibilities.

This Expense Management project also allows the managers to concern certificates for any costs incurred by the employee. Staff cost management system – is an organization developed to cut transaction code. This scheme allows employees to organize their expenses.

All controllers in this system are accepted by the manager. This Expense Management system keeps track of costs for any retrieval. This system provides all the details and details of the staff. The main advantage of this project is that it generates Excel reports and PDF documents based on data in the database.

The main reason of this Expense Management system is to provide a quick and easy way to enhance the efficiency of database supervision and keep up employee details. Providing high level of security and reducing production time.

Softwares used to implement this Employee Expense Management System web application are below

  • Technologies: Java, JSP
  • Web server:  Tomcat Apache 6.0
  • Scripts:  Javascript
  • Database: Oracle
  • Database connectivity:  JDBC

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