Health Expert On The Go App Android Project

Existing System 

Introduction: The existing system is the one in which many useful applications are available for a user. A user is only required to know how to operate the application and he does not need to worry about its back-end working at all.

Existing Software

In this era of applications we have applications to check our Body Mass Index (BMI), calories burned/consumed, issue an emergency alert to our relatives or friends, give useful information about hair care and skin care and many more.

What’s new in the system to be developed?

New features which have been added to the existing system using this application are Child health, Medico-alert, Emergency, Massager and a Forum for users to put their queries in.

(i) Child Health

In this busy world where both the parents are working of most of the newborn babies, there arises a need for a reminder to notify parents about the due date of various vaccination of their child.

This feature has been taken care of in ‘Child Health’ module of this application.

Parents need to only enter their child’s name and his/her date of birth and time at the time of installation of this application.

A list of 16 vaccinations appears in another activity with due date and name of the due Vaccination.

One can enter data about ‘n’ number of children in one application at a time. 

(ii) Medico Alert

In this part of the application, one has to spend some time only to enter the name of the medicine he is prescribed to take and at what time he is supposed to take it.

Rest of the task is done by this application. The user does not then need to remember his time of medicine. He will be notified at that time. An alarm will be raised as a reminder to his medicine.

(iii) Massager

In this part of the application, we have made a mobile to vibrate very heavily so as to act as a massager. A user can start and stop the vibration according to his need with the help of start/stop buttons. By default, it will vibrate for 15 seconds

(iv) Forum

In this module of the application, a user can enter any query related to his health. He will be directed to a log-in page. He can send us n email regarding his query and we will reply him back with appropriate suggestions and recommendations within 24 hours.

In this application, all these features have been integrated with the pre-existing ones that were mentioned above. So in all the features of this application are:            Child Health, Medico Alert, Weight-o-meter, Calorie-Counter, Emergency, Hair Care, Skin Care, Massager, Leave your query. 

DFD for the present system

Level 0 Data Flow Diagram

 Level 1 DFD

Level 2 DFD

Problem Analysis

Product Definition 

There exist a lot of health issues that one faces in our daily lives. People today believe in saving their precious time as much as possible. So people today prefer to go to see a doctor only when it is very much needed. People may take help from the internet to get an advice to tackle with such health issues. But there still exists a need for something better which can help them to get a relief from the problem.

In such a scenario there exists a need to develop an application which can take care of such issues readily at home/office.

‘Health Expert On The Go’ is an app developed with a lot of features like:

(i) Calorie Counter

(ii) weight-o-meter

(iii) Emergency

(iv) Hair and skin care

(v) FAQ’s

(vi) Massager

(vii) Medico alert

(viii) Childcare

(ix) Forum

(i) Calorie Counter

This feature is included in this app so that user can come to know what amount of calories he has consumed and what amount of it he has burned in a day. This, if used sincerely, can help the user to prepare his diet chart very well. 

(ii) Weight-o-meter

With this module of the app, a person will be able to check his/her Body Mass Index (BMI) just in one step. He will only need to enter his age, weight, and height. After submitting these values on pressing the submit button the user will be shown his BMI and also will be told if he his underweight or overweight. 

(iii) Emergency

This module has been developed keeping in mind a very serious condition which may occur to anyone anytime. It may happen that a person when alone undergoes a serious life-threatening condition.

In such a case the person can take help of this app by just pressing one button. On pressing the ‘panic’ button a message and a mail for help will be sent to three people and a call will also be made. Data for all these people must be provided at the time of installing the app.

(iv) Hair and skin care

This module of the app is developed for girls especially because they are more worried about their skin

and hair issues than boys. This part of the app contains some very useful data about skin and hair.

(v) FAQ’s

This part of the app contains within it answers to some of the very frequently asked questions so that a user does not need to waste his time in searching for the answer.

(vi) Massager

This part of the app makes a mobile act like a massager. A user can start/stop it according to his need. By default, it will work for 15second only.

(vii) Medico alert

With this part of the app, the user will not skip his medicines because of his hectic schedule at the office.

(viii) Childcare

This part of the app is basically for the use of parents. Parents with the help of this will not forget to take their child to get him vaccination.

(ix) Forum

In this form, users can put their queries in and we will reply them back with suggestions and remedies within 24 hours.

4.2 Feasibility Analysis

Looking at the operational perspective of the feasibility analysis this app will work very well and will be able to tackle all the issues it is made for.

Economically this app is feasible as all it requires is internet connectivity for some of its modules.

Technically this app is supported in all the versions of android above 3.0. Basically, this app has some features like Action bars which were first introduced in API level 11.

Software Requirement Analysis


The software requirements specification document enlists enough and necessary requirements that are required for the project development. This document enlists all the important requirements for the operational feasibility of the app both, hardware and software. The requirements such as the software feasibility, operating system, the interface etc. are incorporated in this chapter.

5.2 General Description

In daily life we need an assistant to take care of our health, so we provide you the same through our application. We provide you many features in a single app. Using this app you will not need a doctor until and unless you are very seriously ill. So this app is named ‘Health Expert On The Go’.

Health Expert The On Go is an application which has got programs that can help you keep track of your health like Calorie counter, Weight-o-meter, Medico alert, Child health and many more. 

5.3 Specific Requirements

(i) Platform:  Java, Eclipse, adt bundle.

(ii) OS: Windows 7 or 8.

(iii) Interface:  GUI.


Functional Testing

Creating Functional Tests

Functional testing involves verifying that individual application components work together as expected by the user.

Function Input Expected value Output Accuracy
Calorie consumed Almonds 100 gm

Barfi 2 pieces

861 cals 861 cals 100%
Calories Burned Brushing teeth 10 minute

Writing 40 minutes

40 cals 40 cals 100.00%
Weight-o-meter Height 6”1

Weight 90 kg

Overweight Overweight 100%
Medico alert Medicine name and time Alarm at the right time Alarm at the right time 100%
emergency Numbers Call,SMS, email Call, SMS, email 100%
Chatting forum complain Reply via email Reply via email 100%
Skin care No input Tips, treatment Tips, treatment 100%
Haircare No  input Tips, treatment Tips, treatment 100%
Vibrator Start Proper vibrations Vibrations 100%

Table 1: Functional Tests

Project legacy

Current Status of Project

Till now many modules have been added to the project that is needed by all people using smartphones. These modules are made in such a way that user need not to download any other app as an assistant for health issues. We have tried our best to cover everything in this app.

Modules covered till now in the project

(i)Child Health


(iii)Calorie Counter

(iv)Medico Alert



(vii)Hair Care

(viii)Skin Care


The project is working fine with these modules with no bug or no wrong information. There is no force close problem in the app. The app is not so heavy, easy to download for every user. This app requires less use of ram which makes it work faster. All functions used so far are working as par expectations. Emergency functions used requires balance as well as an internet connection for intimating contacts. Nearby hospitals functions require internet as well as GPS in the phone. Some functions may not work properly in some phones due to software problems.  This app works very well in version 3.0 and above.  Previous versions of Android may cause a problem for this app. We have completed our app as per timeline with most of the required functions in daily life. 

9.2 Remaining areas of concern

From our side, we tried to complete each and everything still there are some future scopes

(i) Online appointment with nearby doctors

(ii) Medicine prescription via disease mentioned

(iii) Pulse calculator

Technical and Managerial lessons learned

Technically I have learned a lot of new concepts while developing this app. Now I am clearer about the facts in Android. It was simply a very good experience. Now I am much more confident in developing apps in Android. It was great exposure to me.

When it comes to managerial lessons I am pretty sure that the bugs I faced in developing this app are not going to occur in the projects that I will undertake in future. I am confident that if I face the same kind of bug in future I will be able to resolve it in no time.

User Manual

(i)Weight -o-meter

This Module Allows You To Keep Track Of Your Body Weight According To Your Height, Weight and Age Group. This feature in this app will help you calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) info. Depending upon your BMI (Body Mass Index) this program will be able to justify you as Underweight, Healthy or Overweight.

(i) Enter the height, weight, age group.

(ii) Click submit

(iii) The result will tell you how much is your BMI, give instructions to maintain ideal weight.

(ii) Massager

The app can act as a massager

(i) start-will start the massager.

(ii) stop-used whenever you want to terminate the massager.

(iii) Hair-care

Hair Care contains some useful data about caring for your hair. This part of app deals with caring and treating of hair along with some home remedies. There are different sections for these three and can prove to be very useful for everyone

(iv) Skincare

Skin Care is a very useful part of Health Expert On The Go. It contains some information which can be very useful for anyone who wants to treat his/her skin. This part contains two parts for caring and treating one’s skin.

(v) Child Health

A Complete List Of All Vaccinations as mentioned by the Deptt. Of Health And Family Welfare is Given.

When you enter the Date of Birth of your child then according to the Date of Birth, the estimated dates for the vaccinations are calculated and an alarm is set for the date with Vaccination Name respectively.

Thus, ‘Health Expert On The Go’ will alert you on the estimated date to provide the child with the vaccination as per the date.

You have to follow the following steps to set alarms for vaccinations:

(i) Enter your child name.

(ii) Press the D.O.B button and when the Dialog appears asking for the date, set the Date of Birth of your child.

(iii) Press the Time button to set the time of alarm (The time at which you want the alarm to ring).

(iv) Press the Set Alarm Button to set the alarms and you are done.

(vi) Calorie Counter

This module consists of two parts: Calories Consumed and Calories Burned.

Calories Consumed

A Complete List Of All Common North Indian Food Items Is Mentioned in this Module. Have to just select the food items you consumed in the recent meals and it will instantly show you your total calories consumed in the specific meal.

Calories Burned

A Complete List Of All Common North Indian Food Items Is Mentioned in this Module. Have to just select the food items you consumed in the recent meals and it will instantly show you your total calories consumed in the specific meal.

(i) Click on calories consumed or calories burned button.

(ii) For both give your name, age, gender.

(iii) In calories consumed, select food items which you had the whole day and also the quantity of the select food item.

(iv) Click result shows a report which tells about how many calories you have consumed the whole day.

(v) In calories burned, select activities and the time of it.

(vi) Click result shows a report which tells about how many calories you have burned the whole day.

(vii) Medico alert

This program sets alarms for your medicine time. You provide it the medicine name and the time at which you should take the medicine and in return, it will alert you at the specified time to take the medicine. This alarm keeps on repeating at the same time every day to alert you to take the medicine.

(i) Enter the medicine name, how many times a day.

(ii) Select the time

(iii) Click on save

(viii) Emergencies

At the time of emergency, when you need help, you don’t have to scroll through your contacts and send SMS and make a Phone call to someone who could help you at that moment if you use this program. This program helps you to do the following: 1) Send SMS to any three numbers with your current location (Latitude and Longitude) 2) Send an email to any three email-ids with your current location (Latitude and Longitude) using our email id. 3) A phone call to any number All these three steps which could help you at the time of need with just one click of the button, just make sure you fill in the information right when the form is shown. May God bless you and we really really hope that you never ever need this.

(i) Enter your name, mobile number.

(ii) Enter the persons to contact by SMS, email or call.

(iii) Click on submit.

(iv) It calls or SMS the respected person in case of emergency.

(ix) Forum

It is a portal where anyone can put in his/her queries and we ensure to reply you back with related information which can help you to deal with the problem. We will try our best to reply you within 24 hours with authentic suggestions or remedies.

(i) Write subject to your problem.

(ii) Write the problem in below text area and click next.

(iii) We receive your query and send a reply to your problem with a proper prescription.

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