Electronics Cash Register ECE Seminar Project

The Electronic Cash Register (ECR) maintains the mark of sale transactions rapidly and productively. The great PLUs (Price Look Ups) and importance of section include many merchandise products. It implies the quick and very fast check out method and process to adjust the broad distinction of products and assistance very productively. Based on qualities, the productive receipt gets the print out and the simple-to-view LCD operator shows and the ECR creates the adjusted organization.

The qualities of the project are quick and clean billing with speed, simple to utilize backlit display of keyboard/alpha numeric, great routine list, day/date/year and accurate time including AM/PM, complete inventory function, one key last bill printing, costumer programmable Greeting messages, password secrecy, and 2-line 16 characters per line backlit LCD.

The microcontroller is one chip which includes the non-volatile memory for the events (ROM or flash), the clock, processor (the CPU), and volatile memory for input and output (RAM), and an I/O control unit. This is also known as “computer on a chip” and numerous microcontroller units (MCUs) are implanted yearly under innumerable items from toys to automobiles.

The hardware is processed through the combination of software or program instructions. It is known that software and hardware, the costumer is able to use the microcontroller to solve the issues easily. The AT89S52 is a less-power, great-accomplishment CMOS 8-bit microcontroller including 8K bytes of programmable Flash memory.


Electronics Cash Register ECE Seminar Project is concluded that the device is constructed with the help of great-density of Atmel of nonvolatile memory. A few of the abilities of 8051 microcontroller are Internal ROM and RAM, I/O ports with programmable pins, Timers and counters, and Serial data communication.

Download Electronics Cash Register ECE Seminar Project.

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