Evaluating the Efficacy of Forward Error Correction Coding project

Evaluating the Efficacy of Forward Error Correction Coding projects main idea is to explain a model based analytic approach for solving packet loss problem in networking system using FEC coding. In regular networking system packet loss is one of the area where researches are working on to solve the issue. Here in this paper we are providing a model approach using FEC coding technique to restrict packet loss. In this paper we consider general networking path as a single bottle neck node. In this process we will find out exact evolution of packet loss at the receiving end using a framework. We will analyze both single session and multiple session scenarios and develop a easy procedure for solving issues that are caused in multi session scenario.

Here we will consider key issues at coding level mainly at coding parameters, interleaving depths, channel coding and block lengths. Using this method we will follow different coding standards for different applications with various user quality of service. Using a simulator we will analyze the performance of the system with FEC coding in IP networks.

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