Latest ECE Seminar Topic 2012 on Advanced Communication through Flesh Redtacton

Introduction on Advanced Communication through Flesh Redtacton:

The main objective of this paper is to give an idea of how our body can act as transmission media. Communication becomes difficult in a busy place where numbers of Bluetooth devices are found. As the technology is advancing day by day redtaction is developed which is different from wireless and infrared, The transmission can be done by using redtaction receiver. Once the human body comes in touch with the receiver, transmission path is formed. Using the body as path for communications more beneficial.

Brief into working :

Redtacton technology does not depend upon electromagnetic or light waves to carry data, it makes use of weak electric fields. The photonic electric field sensor in the transmitter induces the weak electric field on the body. The weak electric field generated is not same as the natural electric field which dissipates into earth.

The receiver comprises of photonic electric field sensor and electro optic crystal. Use of this photonic electric field can measure stand-alone contacts without being influenced by grounds and long distance communication is possible. This receiver senses the electric field generated through sensors and data is transferred. By using this technology broadband communication can also be done at rate of 10 mbps.

It is proven that Redtaction technology is excellent in terms of communication performance and user convenience when compared to wireless. The data can be transferred securely in this technology and even if the data is encrypted there is possibility to decrypt it if we pick it up.

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