Wireless Petroleum Tank Monitor Project for ECE Final Year Students with full Report

Introduction to Wireless Petroleum Tank Monitor Project:

Nowadays there are various electronic technologies available in the market composed with embedded systems and wireless technology for controlling purposes. The embedded system technology is one of the highest growth areas because these systems are used in each and every market segments now a days like electronics, automation, biomedical, wireless communication, Using wireless and embedded systems we can provide security for our grids, in this paper we discuss about a new concept “wireless petroleum tank monitoring system”, it is a smart tank monitor system based on wireless communication using embedded technology. These smart tank monitoring systems provide accurate determination of oil level readings for the users, facilitates security.

This project is mainly divided in to two major sections one is remote transmitter and receiver section with central monitoring system and the other is the wireless embedded security system. The transmitter section consists of oil well shutdown alarm responsible for the transfer of wireless data to the receiver section, the preventive measures is taken by oil well shutdown alarm, power failure alarm gives us the information regarding the mall functions of the power, and to protect our tanks from others we use theft oil alarm, In order ensure safe operation we use night patrol alarm.

The receiver section receives the data and then trough monitoring system we control the overall operation, now coming to the components involved in this project radio frequency transmitter and receiver, IR transmitter and a receiver section, power detection circuit with a limiting switch, GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communication) modem, a voice processing unit, and this entire devices are controlled by an micro controller in the monitoring section.

So far our project is proved to be very useful in reducing operation costs, maximizing efficiency and profitability, accurate and up to date information about the oil levels, and it is far better than the conventional tank management process and it is an better option for remote monitoring. 

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  1. Please could you help us with the hardware as we have started with your project and are unable to visualize it.
    Please reply as soon as possible, Thank you

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