ECG Monitoring System Project

n this “ECG Monitoring System Project Report”, we presented a portable tele monitoring ECG based on Zigbee wireless communication module. The monitoring terminal will process the ECG signals and transfer it to the control system by means of Zigbee link.

Need of ECG Tele monitoring System:

  • In order to understand the patient condition effectively in remote locations.
  • Increasing efficiency in rescuing.
  • Monitoring the patient condition any tine and anywhere.
  • In order to achieve Medical device communication standards in storing the physiological information of the patient in previous conditions.
  • Utilizing telecommunication technology in medical diagnosis i.e. tele medicine.
  • Allowing a facility of healthcare to be administered outside a hospital.

System description:

The proposed Telemetry ECG Monitoring System had portable ECG terminal and the health monitoring center, the monitoring center is connected to the ECG by means of Zigbee communication module. And based on the signals from the ECG the patient gets treatment.

PIC MCU (Microcontroller Unit):

  The PIC16F877 is a low power high performance micro controller used in this project. The pin configuration and features of the micro controller is clearly explained in the below sections.

Download ECG Monitoring System Project Report

PCB fabrication:

The PCB fabrication involves the following process. Preparing a layout – copper clad sheet is cut – make relevant hole for terminals on the printed circuit board – cleaning – creating copper area using paints and acid resist inks – placing the components at the terminal holes – remove the un wanted materials – connect the wires at the pins – verification and testing.

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