ECG Monitoring System Android Project

ECG monitoring system is a android project which is useful to reading heart beat signals and transmit over Bluetooth communication system. 

Project Overview: 

With the advancement of mobile technology and app development most of the brands are developing mobile apps for reaching maximum number of users. With Mobile apps gamming, health, technology..etc related apps are developed.

 Other technology which is growing fast is wireless sensor technology with its compact design and low cost we are able to use these sensors in mobile devices and develop mobile apps. 

This ECG monitoring system also uses wireless sensor technology for reading heart beat signals and transmits data using Bluetooth. 

In this project Vitalsens ECG monitoring device from Intelesens are used for monitoring signals. 

Advantages of System: 

Cost effective and reach maximum number of users using android operating system. 

Just by using mobile App we can monitor heart beat and get suggestions on situation. 

In terms of business this application has best opportunity.

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