ECE Project Abstract On Smart Recognition Of Vehicle Based E-Goverence System

Introduction to Smart Recognition Of Vehicle Based E-Goverence System:

Introduction to ETC:

In this paper we will discuss the electronic toll collection system which can employed in the highways. Due to the increasing traffic it has become difficult to collect the toll of vehicles manually, by which traffic problems arise and mistakes occur very frequently during collection of toll. By employing this device electronic payment of tolls is possible. By using a control equipment we can monitor the payment of tolls of the on going vehicles.

Working process of ETC:

The equipment consists of a control unit which identifies the vehicles. A camera is used for identifying the vehicle number and the toll amount is send to the respective owner and if he accepts the request made the vehicle is allowed to pass through. By using GSM network the messages are sent to mobile phones. If the vehicle is not registered then a alert message is given. The GPS system is used for tracking the position of the vehicles. The entire process is monitored using the system which is fed with the database of the vehicles. For communication of data in between the system and components RS232 is employed. It allows the serial communication of data for the transfer of signals. A RFID reader is connected to the system which gives the  information of the total collected amount in regular time intervals.


By employing these devices the payment of tolls can be made easy. As the vehicles are monitored there will be no chance for the vehicles to miss the toll payment. By using electronic toll payment the traffic problem can be reduced. It provides safety and reliability for the toll collection. The vehicle owners can save time by making the electronic payment of toll. Thus we can conclude that these devices are very effective for collecting tolls in present day traffic conditions.

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