ECE Project Abstract on ZigBee-Based Vehicle Access Control System

The system of vehicle access control is one of the most important sub-system of the residence section of the intelligentized department. Today there is an urgent need of emphasis on safety of property and personal property, control of vehicles, authorization of access and vehicle management via the use of computers.

This document also describes a control system on a set of vehicles that is based on the technology of ZigBee wireless. The co-ordinator of ZigBee wireless in this system along with its nodes are installed at the entrance respectively. Together they form a ZigBee wireless network sensor. The entire structure was introduced in this document along with the software design and platform of the hardware. The performance test as well as the state of the implementation exam this system is the most suggestible option for everyone.

The ZigBee WSN technology is used in these designs and it helps to realize the management of wireless and dispatch system of the access of vehicles. This system also works well with the testing and demonstration thus providing good results. In the usage of C51RF-3-ZDS this is the most ideal option. There are various advantages of this system:

Accessing of vehicles to the entrance

The introduction of transmitter in the car helps to send informations that are related with the help of the module of the radio transmitter in CC2430 chip to the access control office receiver. When the receiver gets this information successfully  it passes the data for decoding. The control system will then receive the same message and store it in its database. The query of the data in the database can be made by the manager including number of the driver, plate number of the license and etc. Although there are yet several changes that a re need to be made in this system but it had already passed the test with good results.

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