Electrical Project Report on Computerization of Machine Lab

Introduction to Computerization of Machine Lab:


The automation process has become very significant in all areas due to increasing technological advancements. By using automation process we can provide security and safety to equipment and reduce manpower. This paper mainly concentrates on controlling the induction motor which is used in lab equipment. By using this automation process we can monitor the voltage fluctuations and control the speed of the induction motor.

Circuit design and Working process:

By using the Programmable logic controller we can control the induction motor. The programmable logic controller is driven by a driver which communicates with the induction motor. The programmable logic controller circuit consists of an  astable and a mono stable mutivibrator  fabricated to a  dual timer IC to generate PWM pulse. By using IC dual timer the modulate output is obtained, which is used to control the speed of motor. The IC dual timer works on a supply voltage of +5 to 18v. Here astable produces a square wave which is fed to the trigger pulse of the monostable multivibrator. Then the circuit produces pulses with variable width. The generated variable pulse is given to drive the circuit which controls the speed of the motor. The entire process is monitored by a system and where we can check the process.


This type of automation systems can be used in industries for monitoring the equipment which provides safety and security to the devices and reduces the man usage of man power. There are very negligible chances for the system to go wrong. Thus we can conclude that automation process are very effective in providing security to the devices.

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