PHS Based Online Vehicle Tracking System ECE Project

The Vehicles Automation is the present fashion that changes only conveyer to well-furnished with the sense of being at home. Like the country is for globalization, the profit of the public is increasing and the traveling has presently evolved into important portion of the life.

Hence, administration likes to increase the production and width of the road. Therefore, National Highway roads of four tracks are moving across the country such as blood veins. It results in many vehicles on the road and people like to travel by their vehicle than any government transportation.

It enhances the number of vehicles on road which results in revenue and stress for the Police Department, Transport Office etc. This is tough to sustain and keep the information of every vehicle that is moving on the road. The unproductive organization like hit-and-run or unauthorized items by road-robbery cases, police are failed to find the culprits easily.

In Personal Handy-phone System [PHS], vehicles are position with the help of Low Earth Orbit Satellites constantly. The vehicle owner is able to view the road map of the place where he is moving or heading road or traffic-jammed.

 ‘VEHICLE TRACKING’ makes use of RF FREQUENCY to assist the RTO, Cargo Companies, Police Department, and Public Transport to know the position of vehicles.  With the help of PHS technology, the vehicle is detectable if it is or it is not in reachable place.


PHS Based Online Vehicle Tracking System ECE Project is concluded that Personal Handy-phone System [PHS] operates like the cordless phone within house and like cell phone outside the house and satellite if out of reach. It is launched in Taiwan, Japan, and China.

Download PHS Based Online Vehicle Tracking System ECE Project.

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