Logic Gate Emulator ECE Mini Project

Logic Gate Emulator ECE Mini Project mainly developed for Electronics final year students. This Logic Gate Emulator is the device that is used for emulating the microcontroller logic gates like NOT OR, AND etc. this device has different switches that is used to select the device.

They use SPDT switched for the logic gates and these device have two inputs and one output. They LED as the display for the output. Separate LEDs are provided for the separate gates and they glow for the corresponding gate. The whole operation performed by the microcontroller.

Logic Gate Emulator ECE Mini Project Block Diagram:

Logic Gate Emulator ECE Mini Project

8051 Micro Controller Description:

Microcontroller is the single chip based device that contain memory, CPU, RAM and ROM. They also contain clock and they control the input and output signals. They are also called computer chip.Every device and products today work on the microcontroller; they are embedded with millions of products. They are used in the appliances and even in the vehicles. A single car has more than 50 microcontrollers.

AT89S52: they are the 8 bit microcontroller with 8k bytes of the available memory flash memory. They are high performance and low power consuming microcontroller. They are developed using the Atmel technology that create nonvolatile memory and they are compatible with the standards of industries. They uses flash memory, it means that they can be re-programmed.

They are made up of monolithic chips. They are less costly and flexible. They have 256 bytes of RAM and they have 32 inputs and output with timer that is based on the watch dog timer. They have two data timers that have three 16-bit timers, and six vectors interrupt architecture. They have serial port that is full duplex and oscillators and clock circuitry. They are based the static logic for performing operations. They have Idle that stops the CPU but the RAM, timers and counters are still working.

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