ECE Mini Project Topic on Networking Based Patient Monitoring System

Introduction to Mini Project Topic on Networking Based Patient Monitoring System:

This paper presents a unique methodology in remote patient monitoring system by a combination of communication system and body sensors, it is a new methodology in monitoring the parameters of the patients on a single display unit based on networking technology, this Patient monitoring systems consist of equipment, devices which not only measures and display’s the parameters but also gives recorded information about the Physiological conditions like, blood pressure, body temperature, heartbeat, pulse rate, respiration rate and other health-related information. And various details about bodily substances like Cholesterol, glucose, hemoglobin, blood platelets.

And a continuous supervision can be assured by the doctors by sitting in his room only, monitoring the present and past conditions of the patients, the data is obtained by a processing module. In any emergency case where an immediate attention of doctor required these remote monitoring systems are the ideal solution, these can be globally implemented by using networking technologies, these multi parameter monitor systems can display multiple signs on the single display unit by dividing into sections  on the screen.

In our project we used RS485 based networking system; it has one main and three auxiliary systems which are internally connected by RS485 protocol. The main system consists of a microcontroller, serial data communication cable between PC and circuitry, and integrated RS485 communication module.  The auxiliary dependent unit consists of a microcontroller, sensors and RS485 communication cable.

 This auxiliary unit receives analog data from the sensors and stores in its memory, when ever main unit requires data it sends commands to the auxiliary devices and sends these values to computer through serial commutation, these values are displayed on the screen by implementing a visual basic program. It is a virtual monitoring system where doctor supervises the conditions of patient through PC. By increasing the total drives of RS485 protocol we can achieve an increased number of patients monitoring.

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