Digital Image Processing Btech Technical Document

Description: The research paper Digital Image Processing Btech Technical Document speaks about Digital Image Processing. The research paper explains what digital image processing is. It suggests that digital image processing is a technique that enhances the quality of images. Digital image processing also helps interpret signals and information from the images. Digital processing of images and digital images are the order of the day not just owing to the quality precision but also owing to its cost effectiveness. Digital image processing is undertaken to filter the images captured over a digital camera.

Digital Image Processing:

 Digital image processing utilizes an array of algorithms that help snubbing the unnecessary noise in order to enhance the image quality. Image Editors provide the means for altering and improving images in a number of times. They accept images in large variety of image formats. The other features of this technology is image size alteration, cropping on images, removal of noise and unwanted elements, merging of images, color adjustments and image filtering. Image filtering is yet another comprehensive task undertaken during digital image processing. This involves a lot many CPU cycles. Digital images can be classified according to the number and nature of those samples Each pixel of an image is typically associated to a specific ‘position’ in some 2D region, and has a value consisting of one or more quantities (samples) related to that position.

  • Binary                                              
  • Grayscale
  • Color                                              
  • False color
  • Multi color                                       
  • Thematic
  • Picture function. The research paper also speaks extensively on ‘image editing’.

 Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note suggesting that ‘digital image processing’ has taken over other traditional methods of processing owing to its accuracy, and cost effectiveness. Speedy processing is one other attribute of digital image processing. The research paper suggests that distributed image filtering is faster than centralized image filtering.

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