All about Digital Image Processing

Description: The research paper All about Digital Image Processing talks about Digital Image Processing. It is suggested in the research paper that Digital Image Processing is the technique of manipulating an image for obtaining greater precision. Digital image processing involves mathematical algorithms to alter digital images. Digital images even can be stored in storage devices like Computer or any other CD-ROM and can be altered at a later date. Image processing is widely accepted these days owing to its versatility and cost effectiveness.

Digital Image Processing:

Digital image processing aims at altering the image in lesser time and also less number of times in order to get enhanced clarity of the picture. The research paper also talks about image filtering which involves many CPU cycles. Image editing encompasses the processes of altering images, whether they are digital photographs, traditional analog photographs, or illustrations. Before digital scanners and cameras became mainstream, traditional analog image editing was known as photo retouching, using tools such as an airbrush to modify photographs, or editing illustrations with any traditional art medium.

 What are editing programs:

Due to the popularity of digital cameras, image editing programs are readily available. Minimal programs that perform such operations as rotating and cropping are often provided within the digital camera itself, while others are returned to the user on a compact disc (CD) when images are processed at a discount store. The more powerful programs contain functionality to perform a large variety of advanced image manipulations. Popular raster based digital image editors include Adobe Photo shop.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that Digital image processing has gained its own importance and significance in this world where precision and clarity of images rule the roost. Digital image processing and its benefits scan over wider domains of agriculture, astronomy and medicine. The images thus captured digitally can be stored in the computer and could be extracted at a later time, not just this the concerned feature could be enhanced and analyzed.

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