Astronomical Images and Printing Techniques Technical Doc

Description: The research paper Astronomical Images and Printing Techniques Technical Doc speaks about astronomical images and the techniques adopted to print them. There has been giant strides made in the field of digital image processing and the current astronomical image processing methods and techniques have transcended beyond the traditional forms. Two methods have called for a breakthrough research. First it is the availability of high quality, multi wavelength, narrow band data that surpasses the sensitivity of human eye, secondly availability of very sophisticated software that enables capture of minutest astronomical data with precision. Each data set is intensity-scaled and colorized independently, creating an immense parameter space that can be used to assemble the image. Since such images are intended for data visualization, scaling and color schemes must be chosen that best illustrate the science.

Generating a color image goes by the following steps:

  1. Intensity scaling and projection of data into gray scale images.
  2. Importing these images as layers into IP software pack.
  3. Intensity rescaling to improve contrast.
  4. Assigning a color to each layer.
  5. Fine-tuning the image.
  6. Preparing the image for an electronic distribution.

One of the most critical steps in the image generation is also the first step after the data are reduced. Each data set must first be projected into a gray-scale image. In this research paper the terminology of ‘‘data set’’ is used when referring to the original, reduced data, and ‘‘image’’ is used when referring to a data set that has been projected into an image.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes over a note saying that technology has grown by leaps and bounds and capturing of astronomical data is not a far- fetched dream as it used to be. There are many sophisticated techniques in vogue that have taken over the traditional forms. The astronomical images thus produced help in major scientific interpretations and illustrations.

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