Development of a Feature-Rich, Employee Transfer Application Project

Introduction to Development of a Feature-Rich, Employee Transfer Application Project:

The feature rich employee transfer application is an Intranet web application for the client ABC Technologies to create of its employee transfer data and maintain it by the system administrator or manager. The information includes the transfer files of an employee, new transfers of employee and salaries and implement allowances for the employee transferred. 

The application has the following functions in it.

  1. Login for both employee and System administrator
  2. Interface for Forms to fill for searching and updating of existing employee transfer record. Forms for making new transfers.
  3. Interface to create a doc format of transfer related records.
  4. Automatic mail generations for both employee and managers.
  5. Logout. 


Software required: Visual basic 6.0, ASP and HTML, Database SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000, Internet explorer. 

Hardware required: A system with 2 GB hard disk and 256 MB RAM. 

Process of Software Development: To develop a employee transfer system the team consists of at least 5-6 professionals and the project duration must be 6 months.

  1. Specification should be made available for the whole system and records.
  2. Database of at least 100 to 200 details of transfer of employees.
  3. High level design consists of all records employee search, transfer in the form of flow charts.
  4. Development of front end with the help of ASP and HTML, JavaScript, middle level like entries and form with visual basic and back end with SQL server.
  5. Integrating all records with programs.
  6. Testing of the program with no error in running.

Download  Development of a Feature-Rich, Employee Transfer Application Project .

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