IT Enabled Academia Project


The product states to automate the regular teaching-learning integrated activities which make an academic administrator to observe and regulate the ongoing matter. This includes schedule preparation for possible resources such as Programmers, courses, subjects, faculties, and lecture room or lab preferences. The IT Enabled Academia would combined with Uploading lecture notes or assignments, regular attendance, student feedback report, updated exam marks and students/faculty portfolio’s. 

Current system for Academia 

1. Current system is handled manually which possesses possibility of errors. 

2. Current system is unable to do enrolment of students by itself. 

3. Regular attendance of faculties cannot be provided in a single display, it  has to be created manually. 

4. The system is not able to present feedback from each student and even .Unable to guide student personally.  

Proposed System 

The improved system automates the whole process through Database integration approach. 

The Proposed system creates schedule for all teachers to take their classes by differentiating the days, time and class rooms which does not interrupt to other teacher.

 Faculty has option to plan their lecture and topic, display their course contents which student can easily explored. 

The students can post their feedback and suggestions to the faculty which makes academia more clear for improvements and guidance to students.

Download  IT Enabled Academia Project .

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