Estimate Employee Performance Project

Project Title: Estimate Employee Performance

Technology: Java

Duration: 3 Months

Team Size: 2

The complaints and suggestions module is a part of the web applications which is designed to present the overall description and to list the functionality of the module dealing with the web applications and availability of the information for the public access.

This Estimate Employee Performance document will also include an easily traceable means by which different users can trace each function’s (to which they are related) brief description to its full description.

This also includes a user interface specification where by the user can demonstrate interface format to be used in designing the system. Furthermore, considerations regarding non-functional requirements are addressed.

This Estimate Employee Performance document is intended for users of the system including designers, testers and implementation unit.

Desi Gallery Project:

A project work for developing Online Image Sharing to develop a web based application, which can be to share the albums with others over an Internet.

Desi Gallery is an online gallery, which provides an environment for managing albums. The user requests the administration for hosting his album online.

Defect Tracking System

The project titled ‘DEFECT TRACKING SYSTEM’ deals with the handling of issues that are posted by the customers.It involves various activities like issue handling, customer status, employee details etc …which  occur frequently in an organization which takes a lot of time.

By computerizing the daily activities a lot of time and labor are saved. It also reduces the number of mistakes that occur due to manual work. This system is implemented in Microsoft Visual Basic .Net as Front-end and Oracle 8i as Back-end.

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