Developing a web application to transfer image and patient information

  1. How to develop a web application that can be able to transfer rich content like images and attachments related to patient information across the country?
  2. How to implement a secure data transfer mechanism using one of the encoding and decoding principles across an internet or web application? 

The Developing a web application to transfer image and patient information project will be concerned with designing and implementing a medical database and system to transfer images over the internet and accompanying medical data on the patient-there are 2 projects here (i) to consider the security aspects involved (e.g. use of encryptic coding) and (ii) best methods and means of transfer and packaging/unpackaging of data 

Web-based applications 

Taking an example of Cleft Lip Models, we have adapted a web based educational tool for repairing cleft lip. Realtor the cleft lip leads to plastic surgery for inherited defects of the lips which needs multifaceted incisions and renovation. Skilful surgeon shows the incision lines designed in model to the user so that he can interact by viewing this model. By giving incision, the shape of the skin flaps is created, this is viewed on 3D animations by rotating the skin flaps and also they illustrate the model after completion of surgery. This application works, when the surgeon under go to operate cleft lip as it is limited for practical surgery. This application works to know the procedure of operation in a different view point. The medical data is stored in 62KB, hence the data can be downloaded within few seconds and accomplish the treatment interactively. 

Displaying CT/MRI Images with 3D Model Assistance 

In the practice of Computer Aided Surgery (CAS), medical doctors take an assistance of engineer frequently even engineers are not familiar with human anatomy they have to avail medical images. They will handle the system in assisting the medical images and displaying CT/MRI images affix with 3D models.  The data size of 3D model is 97 KB, this shows the transparency of the skin so the user can see the medical images perceptively.  

The radiation therapy is one among the clinical sections treated to the patients for the long term. Medical images include computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) they will give keen information about tumor and normal tissues. It is efficient to store medical images on a digital storage media. Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) it is employed in on-line. Multiple images are operated from various modalities which can not give assurance of correct image alignment using conventional PACs. 

Retrieval of Radiotherapy Planning Data 

The patient image data is administer in PACS in which data transmits, retrieves, stores and displays digital images in relation with patient information from dissimilar imaging modalities in the hospitals. For data transfer some standards are required they are the Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM), it is used to store the patient data and image information. An extension for DICOM is DICOM-RT mainly meant for data interchange among radiotherapy modalities. In case of radiotherapy planning and restructured from DICOM CT slices. RT dose distribution and ROI contours of treatment and Organs at risks (OARS) which is interrelated with CT images and exported from Treatment Planning System (TPS) by DICOM and DICOM-RT transfer protocol. Then the data is imported into image for registration framework through open source conquest DICOM server. 

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