Patient Information System a ASP.Net Project.

If you are looking for a simple software application related to database then patient information system a ASP.Net project will be one of the options which may help you. This project is used to keep track of patient’s information while registering in hospital or clinic this application allows hospital faculty to access past visit of every patient. patient-information-system-a-ASP-Net-project

This application stores three members’ data patient, doctor and receptionist. With these application hospital authorities can view data of any patient with clarity on his past treatment details like doctor name, case and treatment details? This project is part of reality where every hospital and clinics are using so this project can be used as mini project. 

patient information system a ASP.Net project is developed in windows xp and sql server is used for database, ASP.Net as server side technology, ASP server side scripting, HTML Client side scripting, IIS as web server.

This application is totally intranet based system. It stores the records of Patients information from starting.

System Specifications for Implementing ASP.Net Project.


  • Processor              :          Intel P-IV system
  • Processor Speed    :         250MHz to 833MHz
  • RAM                     :         512MB RAM
  • Hard Disk             :          40GB          


  • Operating System            :            Windows XP
  • Database                          :             Sql Server
  • Server side technology    :            ASP.Net
  • Server side scripting        :             ASP
  • Client side scripting         :             HTML

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