Web Application Testing Computers Seminar ppt

Web Application Testing Computers Seminar ppt is an application which is accessed by Web browser over a computer network such as the Internet or an intranet.

There is a Three-Tier Architecture, first one Tier 1, the client has the presentation logic, which include user input validation and simple control. This application is also known as a thin client. Second one is Tier 2, this tier is also called the application server that provides the business processes logic and the data access. The third one is Tier 3, provides the business data.

The website application has some quality factors. They are Timeliness, Structural Quality, Content, Recoverability, Security, Usability, and Performance.

This PowerPoint presentation represents Web Testing Strategy as well. They are Functionality testing, Usability testing, Interface testing, Configuration Testing/Compatibility testing, Performance testing, Security testing, End-to-End Transaction Testing, and Database Testing.

The functionality testing has a testing which is called Cookies Testing. This testing will be done on the client system side on the temporary Internet files. It disables cookies, selectively deletes cookies, and corrupts cookies. Usability testing provides consistent look, easy navigation, and facility to return to previous and home page. Interface testing interfaces are Web server and application server interface, application server and database server interface.

Security testing provides network scanning for connection between the application server and database server and the client with the application server, data encryption, and log review to check that the Log files get updated properly. End-to-end testing follows the user workflow, it is important for E-commerce sites, and necessary as third party tools used. Database testing has data integrity, data consistency, data validity, and data manipulation and updates.

Web Application Testing Computers Seminar Presentation Conclusion:

It can be concluded that Web application testing is an application which itself includes different kinds of testing which is accessed by web browser on Internet or intranet.

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