Image transmission and processing using the Web Project

Project Title: Image transmission and processing using the Web

Academic Research Areas: Image Processing, Process Tomography

Project Description:

This project will investigate the transmission of a set of images obtained using a Capacitance-based tomographic imaging system over the internet to a remote client. Processing of the images at the server/client side also will be investigated using appropriate image processing software.

Aim: To investigate techniques and transmission of real-time images over internet to remote monitoring station with application to Process Tomography.

Objectives: It is expected that the student will be able to
(i) Investigate the requirements and protocols for efficient transmission of images over internet;
(ii) Implement and demonstrate the selected techniques;
(iii) Implement a suitable HCI for supervisory functions.

Product Details:

The project should come up with a software suite that will have a “client” and “server” modules that can be plugged into any existing image database or images obtained by real-time measurements. The client module should be able to request transmission of images based on a selection of choices provided by the server module.

Resources Required:

1. Access to real-time images from a tomographic system (available within the department).
2. Matlab/Simulink software



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