CSE Seminar Topics Technical Latest Blue Ray Disk

The research paper CSE Seminar Topics Technical Latest Blue Ray Disk aims at explain what a blue –ray disc is. It talks about the disc, its functionalities and scope. The research paper explains the advantages of Blu-Ray Disc (BD) over the traditional discs. It says that since BD uses blue lasers, which have shorter wavelengths than traditional red lasers, it can store substantially more data in the same amount of physical space as previous technologies such as DVD and CD.

How BD Works: The research paper also suggests how a BD operates it says that when a diode is forward biased, holes from the p-region are injected into the n-region, and electrons from the n-region are injected into the p-region. If electrons and holes are present in the same region, they may radioactively recombine—that is, the electron “falls into” he hole and emits a photon with the energy of the band gap. Further light is cast on the ‘working’ aspect of BD in the research paper.


The abstract concludes on a note saying that BD still has a long way to go. But still it speaks optimistically saying that BD may hit the market with consumers clamoring for faster transfer speeds and storage capacity. BD answers such complicated questions. Speed and storage capacity seem to be notable advantages of BD technology, it’s possible that the industry is headed to a point where BD sales will one day outstrip DVDs. The paper says that it’s too early to call the game just yet, but this will be an interesting technological development to follow.

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