Technical Seminar Report on Captcha

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Captcha:

Internet use has been increased from last 20 years. Therefore we need to provide security over the internet. For that we may use Captchas. When we sign up for any web site then at last of the sign up, we need to enter the Captchas, Captchas are the combination of the word that are written in jig jag form. We need to enter the same words and box, and then only our sign up is complete. This is use for verifying that we are humans. It is the best method for preventing the bot to use the computer as it is difficult from them to identify such Captchas. There are many types of Captchas are used like:

TEXT Captchas: in this Captchas they ask simple questions from us like if today is Sunday then what was yesterday. This are very easy for humans to solve but not for bots. They also display the words by distorting it.

Graphics Captchas: in this Captchas they display the images like horse, flower and ask from us what they resemble or we need to find such similar objects from many.

Audio Captchas: in this Captchas then they play the word in form of sound. This sound is distorted with other things, now we have to hear the sound and then enter the correct word in the box.

Applications: they are used in the private blogs to prevent from spams.  Used by web site that has registrations. They are also used in emails services.  They are also used by some search engines.

Captchas are created by the program that is programmed for that. Basically they generate random words and that words are distorted to make them complicated to read. These Captchas are easy to read for humans but not for bots.

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