CSE Seminar Topics List Biometrics

The research paper CSE Seminar Topics List Biometrics attempts to explain the importance of biometrics and its importance in terms of promising security in the field of Information Technology. The research paper suggests that Biometrics refers to the automatic identification of a person based on his/her physiological or behavioral characteristics. This method of identification is preferred over traditional methods involving password’s and PIN numbers for various reasons. The research paper elucidates all the reasons.

Voice verification. The research paper talks about the following as drawbacks in adating to biometric systems. The research paper suggests that the system is not bullet proof and could be prone to ‘spoofing’ and other attacks. The paper says that most biometric systems are unusable by non-negligible percentage of population. An estimate shows, for example, that approximately 2.5% of the population does not have sufficient quality that can be used for authentication purpose. The extensive use of biometrics raises serious privacy issues of anonymity and tracking. In some ways a combination of privacy and freedom of movement allows us to conduct some “public” transactions without widespread public knowledge. The research paper suggests that Biometrics is extensively used in Computer/Network Security, Internet Transactions, Physical area security, banking, voting, prisons. The paper also provides information on leading products in biometrics.


The paper concludes saying that it is important to recognize that although biometric authentication has served extensively in high security applications in defense industry, it is still fledgling technology in commercial world, both in terms of its technical sophistication and current extent of deployment. There are no established standards for biometric system architecture, for template formation, or even for biometric reader testing.

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