CSE Technical Seminar Presentation on Smart Cards with PPT

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Smart Cards:

The paper is about the Smart Cards. According to layman the smart card is like a small computer which is embedded on a plastic card. These smart cards resemble as the normal plastic credit card in size and shape which has a microprocessor for processing the data and also memory for storage of data with the standard of ISO 7816.

 The component of the smart card includes the Carrier: the material which is used for making the card. The material should be in such a way that it should be resistant in case of any mechanical failure and should be cost effective , also capable of withstanding at all high temperatures.

The other component includes processor or CPU; the processors being used are 8bit with CISC architecture. In future we will move from 8bit to the 32bit architecture with the usage of Java Cards. Components include ROM: it is used for dealing with fixed programs and the programs once written cannot be changed. When we consider PROM: It is used for loading the serial number of the card and it is small with about 32 bytes. The other components also include EEPROM, RAM also the I/O interface.

Smart Card its implementation is done which also requires a reader. The type of reader used is Read-Write Unit which enables reading and writing to the card property. The reader cost is from $10 to $100. The readers will come along with keypad in order for entry of pin.

The advantages of the smart card include processing of information, also the tamper resistant  The limitation is mainly about the security. Its implementation is being done in various fields.

Download  CSE Technical Seminar Presentation on Smart Cards with PPT.

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