Cooking Recipe Management System .Net Project


Cooking is the most talented one where every one cannot do it. for some of them cooking is hobbies and for some of the it is time pass.

Preparing new items are experimental one only few them exist in the previous time. but now every one was trying in preparing new items irrespective of region and country.

And for some of the cooking is business where they can maintain hotel or restaurant.

And for some of them likes to tasting a different kind of food items.

And for all kinds of people above need to do manually work to know about the preparation of new food items and to people who want to try new items and also who want to taste different items.


The manually work is the these people have to get knowledge or information from different kind of sources like books, people, etc. But these is very difficult to find out answers for queries of about their issues.

So from this Cooking Recipe Management System project we are giving ultimate solution for all of them that is we are making website where each and every one check and see the website.

These website don’t required any username and password. so every one can see the website. and our website is contain about all the food items with irrespect of the region or country.

All kind of items are displayed on the websites. so our website is open for any one with irrespect of country and region.

To resolve the issues of the previous things we are not  providing any restriction for the user to see website.


The present system is all about manually displaying or publishing the cookie recipes.

In previous people use to display the cooking items in the newspapers ,books ,magazines etc.

If they want to know about any new items then they used to search books ,articles ,newspaper and ask others.

As these will be manually and people use to face difficultly in sharing their information.

The sharing of the cookie items makes the problems for common people ,business ,hotels  also.


The proposed one the solution for common people, business and hotels also.

We are creating a application which will be hosted in web. so everyone can access the details from anywhere of the world.

So this makes easier to everyone. The Cooking Recipe Management System application is the website will be hosted in internet.

So a user or visitor can visit the website check for the recipes and search for the recipes and even he can add recipes to the websites also.

The recipes which are added to the websites are store in database.

Then we had admin the person who maintences the website will check for the newly added recipes. he approves the recipes then that recipes are displayed in the websites.


System    :   Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.

Hard Disk             :   40 GB.

Floppy Drive  :   1.44 Mb.

Monitor  :   15 VGA Colour.

Mouse  :   Logitech.

Ram  :   512 Mb.


Operating system   :   Windows XP/7.

Coding Language  :,

Tool  :  Visual Studio 2010

Database  :  SQL SERVER 2008


A module is a bounded contiguous group of statements having a single name and that can be treated as a unit. In other words, a single block in a pile of blocks.

  • Admin
  • User


Admin is the person who maintains the websites. This person will get a mail to his account when visitor adds the new recipe to the website.

Then admin check for the recipe and then he will finalized the recipe this can seen in website.

Admin the person who maintains the website that means he can add or delete the recipe or even he can modify the recipe.

In the admin will add the categories and articles which will be displayed in the website.

He has the permission the add or delete or modify any content in the website.

Admin can checks the comments on each recipe given by the users.


A user is the person who visit the website and check the recipes and search for the recipe and he can add the recipe to the website.

That recipe will be approved by the website admin then that will be seen by  every user.

Visitor can send the recipe to his friend mail id also . visitor has chance to give comments on recipe.


From our website we can solve the issue which are existing in the previous time. By these website we are going to make or bring different kind of food items in one place and make the user to share their knowledge to other and know about the different food items.

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    Can you tell me the objectives and aim of this project. it will be very helpful for my project file.

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